Plenary presentations

  • L. Kraus - Prag, Czech Republic
    Ferromagnetic resonance in very thin wires (from micro- to nanowires)
  • S. Yabukami - Tohoku, Japan 
    Thin film magnetic field sensor and its application for non- destructive and biomagnetic measurement

Invited presentations

  • J. Gonzalez - Bilbao, Spain
    Surface magnetization reversal and magnetic domain structure in amorphous microwires
  • D. Menard - Montreal, Canada
    Microwave properties of ferromagnetic nanowire arrays
  • H. X. Peng - Bristol, UK
    Ferromagnetic microwires and their multifunctional polymer composites
  • R Varga - Kosice, Slovak Republic
    Anomalous effects in the domain wall dynamics in magnetic microwires

Discussion Panel: Wires / Microwires

  • Hywel Davies (Sheffield, UK)
  • Vladimir Larin (MFTI, Moldova)
  • Larissa Panina (Plymouth, UK)
  • Tsuyoshi Uchiyama (Nagoya, Japan)
  • Arcady Zhukov (San Sebastian, Spain)

Discussion Panel: Nano wires

  • Del Atkinson (Durham, UK)
  • Horia Chiriac (Iasi, Romania)
  • Marcelo Knobel (Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil)
  • David Menard (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada)
  • Manuel Vazquez (CSIC Madrid, Spain)